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ECOLOGY ISSUE: why ecology, why now?

The Ecology Issue has finally arrived! We, at Qwerty, are extremely proud of the work that has gone into this Ecological edition. Each contribution is a testament to our present-day critical thinking and questioning about the way we have lived and continue to live on this Earth and in our ecosystems. Thank you to our contributors for creating, submitting, and joining the Qwerty family — we are excited to continue to follow your creative journeys. And thank you to all of our friends and followers for your patience over the past few months as printing was delayed due to the current pandemic. Stay tuned for next week: we are pleased to present a week-long virtual launch! All week, our social medias will feature readings from our published creators including Sue Sinclair, Jake Sheff, Allison Stalberg, Lisa Gregoire, Frances Koziar, Olga Gonzalez Latapi, Michael Russell, Juliana Rupchan, Linda Judge, Geoffrey Nilson, and more. We are excited to provide a platform for all of our creative voices and officially launch the publication of Qwerty’s 41st Edition! To purchase Qwerty’s Ecological Issue, visit our website at All existing orders are currently being sent your way.

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