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Issue 47 HOME/TOWN Open for Submissions

Qwerty Magazine is open again for submissions. We invite writers aspiring and practiced to submit their writing for our next special issue, “Home/Town.” Many years ago, Northrop Frye mused on the question “Where is here?” And so we are interested in your answers. We want your stories of place and space, your poems shaped by positions, and your art resisting and defining geography. Write about your home. Write about your town. Write about how one is not the other. Then send it to us. We invite street artists and urban photographers especially to submit, as well as the recently displaced such as refugees and immigrants.

Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction:

previously unpublished fiction and creative non-fiction up to 5,000 words in length. Your submission must be double-spaced, in 12-point font. Please send only one story at a time.


previously unpublished poetry in any style. You may submit up to 6 pages of poetry, single-spaced. Each poem should begin on a new page, and all poems should be in a single file.

Artwork and Photography:

We accept up to 5 high-quality, unpublished prints per submission.

Deadline is February 11; all submissions can be made through Submittable.

UPDATE: Due to a high volume of submissions, we had to close the submitting period early. We are a small team and want to grant ourselves enough time to look at all your wonderful work. Thank you for understanding!


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