Managing Editors

McKenna James Boeckner


Christine Wu

Prose Editors 

Eliza Ives, Brittni MacKenzie-Dale

Poetry Editor 

Grace R. Taylor

Art Editor 

Carlee Calver

Interviews & Reviews Editor 

N / A

Design & Layout

Lauren R. Korn, McKenna James Boeckner

Editorial Assistants 


Qwerty Reads 


Editorial Board 

Carlee Calver, Kendra Guidolin, Benjamin Hayward, Naomi Idler, Bethany Langmaid, Rebecca Salazar,
Melissa Weiss

 Qwerty's Managing Editors, McKenna James Boeckner and Christine Wu, can be reached at Any editorial position marked N/A is filled by members of the Editorial Board. Review and interview inquiries can be directed to the Managing Editors.

Mail can be sent to:

Qwerty Magazine

University of New Brunswick Department of English

P.O. Box 4400

19 Macaulay Lane

Fredericton, NB

E3B 5A3, Canada

Qwerty is no longer accepting mailed submissions.

We are also available online.



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