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Managing Editors 

Annabelle Babineau,

Emily Skov-Nielsen,

Robert Norsworthy, N. Page

Fiction Editors 

Andrew Ramos, Lisa Jodoin

Poetry Editor

Perry Reimer


Art Editor 

Annabelle Babineau

Reviews Editor 

Margaret Crawford

Editorial Assistants 

Izza Hassan, Maggie Ward

Qwerty Reads 

Ryan Gaio, Sarah Howden

Editorial Board 

Ashlee Joyce, Alison Parsons, Grace Annear, Claire Hoffman,Siobhan Carlson, Chris Shaw

People We Like: Our dear friends Ross Leckie, Mark Anthony Jarman, Theresa Keenan, and Janet Noiles; Wilser's Room, for providing an excellent space for the Qwerty Reads Series; our ad exchange partners across Canada; the wonderful people of the UNB Media Lab; and of course, our long-suffering financial supporters: Dr. George Maclean, the venerated Dean of Arts, the UNB Department of English, and the Graduate Student Association.

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