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Qwerty Issue Thirty-Five Editor's Note

A long time ago in a small office, far, far away…

Qwerty decided to move from print to online publication. Originally created by graduate students at the University of New Brunswick in 1996, Qwerty has published poetry, fiction, art, and book reviews by new and established writers from around Canada—nay, from around the world!—in various print incarnations. After 20 years, it was time for a change: a move into cyberspace. Having just redesigned the print magazine over the past two years, this was a difficult decision for the editors to make. The new medium allows us to distribute the scintillating work we publish on a cosmic scale, now free to readers.

However, to boldly go (or go boldly, because, you know, we’re editors) where none have gone before is apparently more difficult than one thinks. Throughout the long, arduous process of transforming what we thought was a print-only publication into an online journal, we remained shamefully unaware of our own origins: the sub-strata laid by a psychedelic, late-90s civilization. While we would like to tell you that you are now witnessing the very first entry in Qwerty’s internet forays, we must instead direct you to our very first issue, which was lovingly digitized in the days of Netscape. All these years, without our knowledge, Qwerty was biding its time in the dark recesses beyond the trolls and nyancats of yesteryear.

We have come a long way, but we are proud of our launch-point, and are not at all inclined to delete our internet history. Our old incarnation hovers there unchanged—somehow—like Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon. The new Qwerty can only endeavour to follow in such intrepid footsteps.

With hopes of keeping you in our orbit, we would like to present the stellar works of Issue 35. If it inspires you as much as it’s inspired us, consider submitting to Issue 36. There is always space for you in the Qwertyverse.

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