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Naomi Ruth Lowinsky



So many sagas     come

And gone     since you and I strode

The ‘70s




High boots     high skirts

You with your Nikons

Me with my notebook


Free lancers


To the counter culture

High on sass and chutzpah

We got the low down


On the Cult of ‘Do Jelly’


Me     just free

Of marriage     You

Never believed in it


Did the wild thing


With whomever

Lived with my brother

In perpetual


High drama


Plates flew

Cats cowered

Yours was the tongue of fire


He paid you back     big time


So many sagas come

And gone   That woman

He left you for


Threw a few plates of her own     He left her


For some Delilah     younger

Than my daughters   

She took him on a ride


And my brother?


You escaped his saga

Before you had to see him

Alone and rotting


In a flea bag motel    

In Venice    

Back in the day     he knew everyone


Scored a case of Chateau Neuf de Pape


From the year you were born

Wheeler dealer     glad hand host       

At your thirtieth birthday party


Listen Nikki   you’re what eats him


Who knew     you’d have no life without him

Dragon would devour you    

Forty never find you


In his nursing home


He tells me the same old same old story

I was the one who gave her

Her first Nikon


I was the one who made her

A great photographer


But I’m the one you backlit

In black and white     showing the world

How to wrap a sari

                                               Bare breasted

About the Writer      


            Naomi Ruth Lowinsky’s chapbook, The Little House on Stilts Remembers, won the Blue Light Poetry Prize. Her fourth full length collection, The Faust Woman Poems, traces one woman’s Faustian adventures during the 1960s and ‘70s, through Women’s Liberation and the return of the Goddess. Her memoir, The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way tells stories about her pushy muse. A new collection of essays, The Rabbi, the Goddess and Jung: Getting the Word from Within has just been published.

            Lowinsky is a Jungian Analyst. She blogs about poetry and life at


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